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    Jul 2003


    How are all you Polaris PWC people adjusting those hard to get at carb mixture screws especially on a hot engine? It takes me forever just to try to turn the screws because I can't get at them! Is there a specialty screwdriver to use? have experimented with a lot of ideas, none seem to work well. Thanks!

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    May 2003


    I bought a cool tool that works for me from .Look under the Carburetor Tools section.It is called Carburetor Screw Adjusting Tool for $24.95.It has a picture of it there.It is about a foot and a half long and has a 90 degree bend at the bottom.It's a slotted screwdriver and you twist it from the handle.To get to my front carb high speed screw i just pull the front box out and stick my head down there with a regular screwdriver.

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