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    Jul 2001
    Kansas City


    Have a 1992 Kawasaki 750ss, that spun a bearing on the lower connecting rod. Ordered a new crankshaft assembly, same year, same model, and thats when i noticed the first crankshaft was assembled wrong at the factory, also checked the micro fish, and it to shows that the original crankshaft that was in the engine did not match the micro fish either. The side that spun the bearing had the oil seal on the wrong side of the crankshaft bearing, which i believe it may have caused it to have a air leak and fry. I know that the warranty is no longer good, and i tried to write Kawasaki and also send them the pictures of the difference of the two, but they are no longer taking e-mail.
    If anyone else has had this same problem, send me your e-mail and your photographs. Does anyone have any ideas on how they can make this good? This engine had low hours on it. There mistake cost me $1200.00

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    Feb 2001
    Clearwater, FL


    Email me the pics.

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