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SBT Program

Engine Description

An SBT engine includes the crank case, crank shaft, cylinders and heads. All Sea-Doos include the water jacket head covers. Polaris 700s and 1050s have the red cylinder caps, and the Sea-Doo 800s and 951s include remanufactured RAVE valve assemblies. The Yamaha 800, 1200 and 1300PV motors include Power Valve assemblies.


The core is your old engine. For sales within the US, SBT does not charge a core deposit up front, however all pricing is on an exchange basis assuming return of the core. The core must include all of the engine parts that were included in your new engine (including the nuts and bolts) and be returned to SBT within 14 days of receipt of new engine to avoid late fees. We do not accept aftermarket parts or ported cylinders/cases.

International Orders: All customers outside the Continental US, requires the core exchange prior to the shipment of exchange goods. Please refer to the International Sales page for additional information, or email intl-sales@SBT.com

If you have cores to sell SBT, you may contact us for a quote and shipping arrangements at 727-443-0373 M-F 8-5 EST or e-mail us at corepurchase@SBT.com anytime.

4 Strokes

The PDF file contains pictures and details on Sea-Doo | Yamaha 4-Strokes - Sea-Doo/Yamaha Exchange Guide

The PDF for 1.8L Yamaha Exchange Guide. - Yamaha 1.8L Removal Guide

The PDF for Kawasaki 4 Stroke Core exchange parts are listed here: - Kawasaki 4 Stroke Removal Guide

The PDF File containing 4 Stroke Cylinder Head Exchange Guide. - 4 Stroke Cylinder Exchange Guide

2 Strokes


587,657 and 720 -- Core should include crank, case, rotary shaft, 2 cylinders, head, head cover, oil fittings and all bolts holding the block together. Customer should remove temperature sensor on head cover, bypass fitting on head cover, all electronics, magneto flywheel, PTO flywheel, engine mounting plate, rotary valve, intake manifold and carburetors.

787, 951 -- Same as above but core should also include RAVE valve assembly. Customer should keep the black and red cap, spring and clip on the RAVE valve. The remainder of the RAVE valve goes back to SBT as it is included on our engine. SBT's engine also includes countershaft and should be left in the case as part of core.

RFI -- Also send in the case cooling cover on the bottom of the case, but remove the fittings.

951 DI -- Make sure you leave the air cylinder intact and please remove the bottom of the case cooler.


Yamaha cores should include the cases, crankshaft, cylinder block, head (head cover on 1100 and 1200) and all bolts holding the block, cylinders and head together. The electronics, magneto flywheel, PTO flywheel, intake manifold and exhaust manifold should be removed from the core. The engine saddles ( brackets) on the 1100 and 1200 are not included with the motor. The PTO should also be removed from the core it is not included on our engine.

800, 1200pv, 1300pv-- Same as above please also send the complete power valve assemblies including the covers, linkages, cam and the pulley. Disconnect the cable, remove the bracket and retain these items to reinstall on your new engine. For the Cylinder exchange we would just need the bare cylinders, retain all of the PV components to reinstall on the reman cylinders.


Kawasaki cores should include case, crank, cylinder block and head. The electronics, magneto flywheel, PTO flywheel, intake manifold and exhaust manifold should be removed from the core. Core does not include intake, exhaust and PTO coupler shroud studs so please take them off your core (if you leave them on they tend to bend in shipping and it's difficult to keep them from punching holes in the box). SBT's engine also does not include PTO coupler and it should be removed from core.

1200 -- IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE, we also need the cylinder head braces, the spark plug ground terminal on the end of the head and the top brass water fittings. We also need the black cap covering the rear gear. Inspect you front flywheel bushing, and if it's worn, replace it. We now have them available for sale. Customer should also remove the water rail studs.


Polaris cores should include case, crank, cylinders and heads. Polaris 700, 900 and 1050 cores should include the red water jacket head covers. On the blue Fuji engines, the oil shaft/gear should be removed from the core, it's not included on our engine. All exhaust and intake studs should be removed from the core.


Tigershark cores should include case, crank, cylinders and head.

New Parts

All SBT engines have new Standard or 1.0mm oversize SBT pistons, rings, bearings, SBT connecting rods, seals, and gaskets. SBT only buys its parts from reputable suppliers.


All SBT engines undergo a four point testing program that includes compression, case and water side pressure retention, and deck height clearance. Engines must meet OEM specifications for all four tests.

Additional Charges

SBT's only additional charge for an engine is for broken aluminum on your core (Welding or Replacement). This normally occurs when an engine throws a rod through the case. The additional charge is dependent on the size and location of the crack or hole. The core should be inspected for such damage before it is shipped to SBT. Click here for welding charges.


Salvage Yards

An option you have, if you have non-repairable parts, is to find good condition used parts to use as part of your core for exchange. We have provided contact information to some of the largest PWC salvage facilities in the US. Please contact them directly here for your used parts needs.

More Salvage Yard information