Enter our Unboxing Video Contest

Show us your unboxing videos for cash, prizes and merchandise! SBT’s contest is easy to enter - follow the guidelines below and you may be chosen as an SBT Unboxing Video Champion. Winning videos will be featured on the SBT social media sites, helping spread your creation to all of our contacts.

Contest Duration:
  • Ongoing with winners selected every other Friday.

  • Winners will be chosen by SBT staff.

  • Prizes ranging from $20 to $3,000 including merchandise, refunds, and cash will be awarded.

  • Video must be posted on 2 of the 4 following social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.
  • If using YouTube, please include your YouTube link in your Facebook post or Instagram bio.
  • Make sure you tag @shop_sbt and #DEMANDSBT in your post.
  • Notify us: videos@SBT.com
  • Email Questions to videos@SBT.com
      For all the rules and legalese, please click here.

  •  https://youtu.be/pgARYS3htvw