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Would you like to be a Dealer for SBT?

SBT is your ticket to success - and added profits! Becoming a SBT Dealer is fast, easy and convenient and grants you immediate access to discounts. It also gives your company additional exposure because you will be affiliated with the leading remanufacurer of PWC engines in the industry.

We appreciate your interest and we will make it quick and easy for you to apply.

Submitting an application to be a Dealer requires a registered business license in your state, a valid tax ID # (resale certificate), a copy of a printed advertisement or other publication demonstrating your position in the industry, and the completed application form that is easily downloaded by clicking the link below.

Once you have completed and faxed back your application, you must call to activate your account prior to ordering - ASK FOR New Dealers in accounting (727.443.0373).

The SBT Dealer application can be downloaded simply by clicking here.

Download the application Print it out - Complete the forms - Fax it to 727.461.4268 It's that EASY!

Update your Account: click here.

International Dealer Agreement: click here.

What Our Dealers Are Saying About SBT

An Answer to a Prayer!!!
In a day and age where customer service is non-existent, SBT breaks all the stereotypes! Never in my life have I had such a great customer experience with any type of business. From the friendly, knowledgeable staff comes the finest products. The service and support have exceded all my expectations. As far as I am concerned there is no need to look any further, I have found perfection! Thanks a Million, M.A. Gardiner - MAGZXI

The Best!
I guess better late than never to put in my two cents. Last year I think I purchased 3 or 4 SBT motors and assorted kits, and this year a crank and a motor. My experience is like no other. I've found the one or two good employees at various places. But when you deal with SBT all the employees treat you like this company is their own! They are all knowledgeable and just super friendly to talk to. I wish every business was like this one. This is how I strive to be! I truly want my customers to be happy with my work and SBT's products make my job easier, and the price - fuggedaboutit. Oh wait they also have a NO FAULT WARRANTY? Where have you EVER seen that?

I live a few miles away and usually just walk-in. Joey is the man!!! I'm usually in and out in 15 minutes or less. They take my core and bring out a new one just that fast! I think I've been helped by Lesly twice and we had some great conservations in that 15 minutes. And I can't tell you how many times Mat has helped me out. You all know him he's the poor guy that has to listen to all of us go on about how we broke this or know nothing about this part or I'm completely lost and just please tell me EXACTLY what to do even though this may be the 7000th time you've been asked this and I've given you little or no info on my problem. Don't even get me started on spelling! Thanks, Mat! For all of us, especially me. And thank you SBT! I only wish that I could All of my parts from you. I'm really happy to see the new catalog with so many extra parts in it this year. Way to go!!

Put Trust in SBT
I have a shop in Evansville, IN it's been hard to find a good dealer I could trust. But the hunt is over. Spent 5 years looking and now have found the best one out there, SBT. Shipping is very fast, the staff is great and tech support - they know their stuff. I build fire fighting water craft and have to have the best for the safety of the firefighters and folks we serve. These water craft get run hard - very hard and so the SBT motor is the best and holding up better than the other out there. So keep up the good work! Thank you! Brad Day - Evansville, IN

3 motors installed in 4 weeks from SBT, 1 Sea-Doo 657, 1 Kawasaki 1100 and 1 Sea-Doo 787 RFI. All ran perfect. I have been dealing with SBT for approx. 2 yrs and have installed a total of 11 SBT motors. Never had a problem whatsoever with any of them. The customer service is second to none and ship time is great. I have also bought crankshafts and misc. parts and never been disappointed. Great company to deal with and makes my job much easier and keeps my customers happy. Thank you SBT. I'm sure there will be many more motors to come.

I don't post here on every motor I buy, but I have installed 2 581 motors a 650X motor and a 951 moto, Just ordered a Kawi 1100 also, all within the past 30 days. EVERY motor I have bought has went in, in a snap and purred like a kitten, and over the past couple of years ALL the motors I have bought I have had 0, NONE, ZILCH go bad. A+++++ Service, Support, Price all the best, I wish all places were like SBT. KEEP IT UP!Customer for Life, Blaine

For those of you wondering if you should buy a SBT motor, I have purchased MANY as we replace them in all PWC's. Never have I had a problem and I have a 100% customer satisfaction rate on rebuilt motors. A+ for SBT and we at C&C Powersports in Maine will continue to recommend your services and motors!

I own a PWC shop as a second business, my primary job is in the helicopter industry. I only repair Yamahas, but this summer two associates needed help with their PWC. A Tigershark and SeaDoo. Both needed engines. Since I only work on Yamahas that is all I stock for. It was cost-effective to get the engines from SBT. When I got the engines, they looked great. After installation, they started right up and the owners were very happy to see a new engine in their boat. My own PWC, Gp 1200, let a rod loose. Because of my last two experiences with SBT, I will be installing a SBT engine in my own boat. SBT prices are so competitive and they have a great product with a good warranty that I now only do top-end rebuilds or re-rings. Anything else and it more economical for me to do a complete SBT engine than to rebuild myself. Thanks for the engines and the good quality, keep the prices low and you make it easy for to make "EASY MONEY".

Short Block Technologies uses FedEX to deliver the remanufactured motors that I buy to replace my customers broken and worn out motors. I usually receive them within a few days, less than a week in most cases. My PWC repair business in California. SBT is a top-notch company, doing a very good job for us pwc shop owners. I highly recommend SBT as your engine replacement source. At the end of the year, you will se the difference in your bottom line, and you will realize how few headaches with warranty claims you will encounter.

I have personally visited SBT's plant twice in the past 2.5 years. It amazed me to see how much it had changed in that short period of time. New machinery, new methods, better quality control from the time the broken motors arrive at SBT, till they leave on the FedEX truck. Every department of the plant has made improvements in all areas of sales, production, painting, quality control and delivery. This shows me that the people at SBT are interested in improving their position in the pwc engine remanufacturing business, and all at the same time, improving their relationship with us small pwc businesses.

Again, I recommend SBT to anyone in the PWC repair business. It frees up our time to do the other tasks at hand, and has eliminated one position from my payroll expenditures. It is money in the bank.Bill O'Neal - Watercraft Magic