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Top End Gasket Kits

SBT has been in the business of PWC gaskets for over 10 years. All of our gaskets are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

SBT gaskets compete with the best in the industry. We carry jet ski gaskets ranging from complete rebuild kits to small individual o-rings. The vast gasket inventory contains a wide variety of the gaskets you need, including base gaskets, exhaust gaskets, flywheel cover gaskets and o-rings, and miscellaneous gaskets such as a case cooler, case drain, oil pump o-ring, water outlet, starter gaskets and o-rings. Most gasket orders ship the same day!

A gasket is a material that fills in the space between two mating surfaces (also sometimes referred to as a seal) to prevent leakage at the joint. Two surfaces are generally not perfectly matched, so something is needed to create a seal. Gaskets are used as this seal to prevent pressure or liquids from leaking out between irregular mating surfaces.

Gaskets can be made from a variety of materials. The most common is a fibrous material (such as treated paper). They are very compressible, create a good seal, and are useful in a lot of locations. Rubber or silicon seals are also common, as the elasticity or conformability of compounds of rubber allow them to fill spaces and retain their shape for sealing purposes.

Solid materials are also used for gaskets. Metal gaskets are common for head to cylinder mating due to the high pressure seen at these joints. Although not as conformable as a more flexible material, metal gaskets are designed and manufactured with contours to allow elasticity and shape retention even under compressive pressure. Although more expensive to make and tool, metal gaskets are able to stand much higher pressures and therefore are used at critical joints.

SBT carries almost any of the jet ski gaskets you'll need to build and reinstall your engine. If you have any questions, please call our technical sales and support staff!!