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Sales Agreement

By submitting this order I agree to abide by the terms and conditions of sale set forth herein with respect to the use of my credit card for this order including any related charges that may occur after the sale as listed below. If this order is cancelled or returned for any reason after it has been shipped, I will be responsible for round-trip freight charges and a 10% restocking fee on new unopened parts. Used or installed parts may not be returned for credit. Please refer to SBT Warranty Policy

I will be charged for the repair or replacement of any broken aluminum, missing or aftermarket parts or modified parts on the core that is returned to SBT (shortblocks,cylinder heads, crankshaft, cylinder exchanges, counterbalance shafts and rotary valve covers all require a core return). For example cracks or holes in the case, cylinder or head, aftermarket heads or ported cylinders. For 4-stroke motors, all the correct parts and matching cases are required. Charges for welding and replacement costs can be found here: Replacement Costs

Impeller Purchase - The impeller core must be OEM, stainless impeller otherwise it will not be accepted and you will be charged a replacement fee of $250.00.

The core must be returned to SBT in the original SBT container within 2 weeks after receipt of my exchange or I will incur nonrefundable late fees of $100.00 per week for an engine, $25.00 per week for a crankshaft or cylinder exchange until the core is received. The core becomes the property of SBT upon receipt at our facility. Any extra parts left on my core will be discarded upon receipt and cannot be returned.

Custom Seats & Mats will be charged as soon as we get the order and before they are made (due to our inability to resell custom seats & mats). Once charged, your order will not be refunded. Any unauthorized expense incurred by SBT will be chargeable to my credit card. (Unexpected freight charges on altered return air bills, duties, taxes or tariffs, taxes, I agree to resolve any disputes directly with SBT and waive my right to challenge or set aside any lawful charge to my credit card made by SBT for the sale of its products or services. Any disputes arising from this sale will be heard in the Pinellas County Courthouse.

If you are not currently setup with SBT as a Dealer, you must complete and submit the following Dealer Application SBT Dealer Agreement before your account can be activated with your discounted pricing. You may register online any time, however discounted pricing will not be in effect until activation.

If you are already setup as an SBT Dealer and have not ordered online with us before please register online with your current account information, then call in to have your account verified for discounted pricing: 877.330.0231.