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Driveline Shafts

Jet Ski Driveline Shafts

Here at SBT, we want you to get out on the water and cruise safely and in style. We have various aftermarket parts to help you do just that, and that includes our high-quality jet ski driveline shafts. These aftermarket jet ski drive shaft, impeller, and coupler shafts send the power to your motor, giving your PWC the power you’re looking for.

Here at SBT, we want your jet ski to be reliable, so let us help you with our wide selection of jet ski replacement drive shafts. Look through our inventory and find the ideal jet ski drive shafts for your jet ski’s make and model. Before you get out on the water this year, let SBT take care of you and your jet ski with our reliable and durable PWC drive shafts. If your PWC has broken splines, bent shafts, or vibrations, SBT offers high quality stainless steel drive shafts, coupler shafts, and impeller shafts to get your ski back out on the water! SBT's drive shafts, coupler shafts, and impeller shafts provide the solution for getting your driveline back on-line!

The drive shaft is a mechanical component that transfers power from the crankshaft to the impeller. The shafts are typically threaded on the one end and splined on the other. These threads and splines carry all the torque of the motor and can degrade from friction and fatigue. SBT's stainless steel drive shafts will get your jet ski back to performing how it was meant to.

Coupler Shafts

SBT carries new coupler shafts to cure your old coupler shaft's worn seal surfaces, stripped threads, and broken splines. SBT's coupler shafts are available for Yamaha engines.

Impeller Shafts

The impeller screws onto the impeller shaft and then connects to the drive shaft. SBT offers new impeller shafts for replacing your old worn ones. The stainless steel shafts are guaranteed to fit where an OEM would. The impeller shafts bring back the balance and performance of any jet pump.