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Installation Gasket Kits

SBT's Jet Ski installation gasket kits contain every gasket needed for installation of a new SBT engine. A gasket is a material metal or paper that goes in between two mating surfaces in order to seal them together and prevent leakage. An o-ring is a rubber type seal similar to a gasket that also prevents leaks between two surfaces.

Because it is not recommended to reuse your old gaskets, SBT suggests that an installation gasket kit be purchased along with a new SBT Jet Ski engine purchase. The specific gaskets in each kit vary depending on the make and model of the personal watercraft. The kits can include the following gaskets: a flywheel cover, an intake manifold, a carb base/mounting plate, an exhaust manifold, and headpipe and cooling gaskets or o-rings. Our gaskets are designed to meet or exceed original OEM specs.

SBT's website provides installation guides you can follow when installing a new SBT motor and installation gaskets.