Trailer Parts

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SBT offers trailer parts to help you get the ski down the road and into the water. We sell all the parts that tend to wear or break on your trailer. Trailer u-bolts, spindles, bow stops and bow rollers can be found in our Hardware and Roller section. Trailer balls and couplers are in our Hitch and couplers section. Tail lights, clearance lights and marker lights are in our trailer light and light kits section. PWC Tie down straps, as well as safety chains can be found in the Trailer Tie Down Section. Trailer Hub kits, bearings, and bearing protectors are available in our Hubs and Bearing section. SBT also sells wire harnesses, winches, bunks and carpets, and a variety of other parts. Let us help you fix up that trailer to get your jet ski to the water!!

Hardware and Rollers

SBT offers a wide variety of trailer parts that ranges from trailer bunk padding to bow rollers. Our trailer bunk padding is a durable, weather resistant Poly Pro marine carpet material with double acrylic backing. SBT provides the consumer with everything from spindles to bow rollers in our hardware and rollers section. We carry U-bolts which are ideal for attaching roller brackets, guide posts, winch uprights and various other hardware to your trailer. SBT's bolster brackets are heavy duty hot dip galvanized steel and are slotted for vertical adjustments. SBT's polymer bow rollers are a resilient, non-marring, molded Poly Vinyl that allows your boat to be snugged down on the trailer. With proper care, our polymer bow rollers should last the lifetime of your trailer. SBT's molded bow rollers also allow your boat to be snugged down on the trailer, and SBT also carries the molded bow stops to be used on your trailer winch mount. Our trailer coupler is zinc plated with a safety lock mechanism. The mounting hardware set for the coupler is not included. Our trailer balls are a chrome plated, solid steel machined ball.

Trailer Light Kit

The trailer light kit is fully submersible, over 80� wide and meets DOT requirements. Our clearance marker lights are plug in lamps, and they are available in red or amber. SBT's regular Market Light includes the base and wiring. The base is also sold separately. SBT carries a 14 and 15 Diode LED trailer light kit. Replacement light fixtures are available for either RH or LH. SBT also offers LED clearance lights that are built to DOT specs and have either 3 or 6 super bright LED's that are potted in epoxy for complete submergibility. SBT's Single LED Clearance Light has a single stud mount.


SBT's Trailer Hitch Lock is made up of solid construction. It is heat treated for ultimate toughness and it will not corrode, rust or clog. We also offer the Trailer Hitch Lock with a pin. We also sell the Coupler Locking Pin (zinc plated quick connect) by itself. It keeps the coupler from accidental disengagement. As far as tie-down straps go, SBT is your place to go! SBT has winch straps, tie-downs, trailer safety cables and safety chains in both stainless steel and zinc plated welded link chain.

Trailer Hubs & Bearings

Our Bearing Protector Set replaces the dust cap on hub and it automatically supplies grease to extend bearing life. We have a 4-bolt and 5-bolt Hub Kit that includes bearings, races, seal, lug nuts and dust cap. SBT's wheel bearing and seal kit includes the inner and out bearings, races, and hub seal for 1 spindle. SBT also proudly carries the wheel hub seal, tapered roller bearing cups, and tapered roller bearing cones.

Winches & Jacks

SBT's winches and jacks are some of the best. Ranging from 300 lb jack stands to 900 lb winches with bow loops, SBT offers a great variety. Our wire harness section includes adapters with dust covers, trailer connector kits (for both male and female or just male/just female), trailer 4-way circuit testers, and EZ trouble shooter circuit testers. We also offer plastic license plate holders and trailer ball covers!