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Jet Pump Rebuild Kits

Each jet pump rebuild kit comes with all new bearings and seals. Since worn out bearings and seals can result in degraded performance or a locked pump, SBT's jet pump rebuild kits are an inexpensive way to help maintain the performance of your personal watercraft.

It is responsible for providing the thrust that moves your watercraft. As water enters and exits the jet drive at different velocities, power is converted to thrust via the impeller, and the thrust in turn propels the jet ski. Steering right and left is accomplished by directing the system's exit flow in one direction or the other, much like directing the thrust of a submerged propeller-driven system.

By rebuilding your jet pump, you gain performance and improve the quality of the ride. Anytime you need to replace an old jet pump, SBT's jet pump rebuild kits are available to help you get your jet pump back to OEM specifications.