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Choke Cables

SBT sells high quality Choke cables for most Jet Ski models. Constructed using internally lubricated stainless steel cable, OEM connectors, and high strength sheathing, SBT Cables are a drop in replacement for your worn, stretched, or broken cable. Simple select the manufacturer, year and model of your ski!

A choke cable opens and closes the choke on the carburetor. To start most Jet Ski engines, you want more fuel in the chamber so you close the choke to restrict the airflow to start the engine. Once the engine has warmed up it doesn't need as much fuel, so you open the choke.

Typically you want to open the choke as soon as possible to allow a greater amount of air into the chambers. Leaving the choke closed wastes fuel. Pull off the cover to the air filter. When you flip the choke switch, you should see a butterfly type valve open and close. When it's closed it will cover the hole of the carburetor. When it's open, the hole will freely allow air to flow through the carburetor.