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BlackTip Jetsports Seat Covers

SBT now offers both Custom and Premium seat covers, with a variety of color options and styles to make your ski looks its best!

Refresh your cracked or ripped jet ski seat with a new jet ski seat cover from SBT. Add that custom look for a very reasonable price using one of our many choices of color, fabric and design.

The only tools required to install are a staple gun and possibly a hair dryer to warm the vinyl if it is not warm enough outside. We recommend using stainless steel staples. They will last longer in the harsh environment under the jet ski seat.

Our Custom Seat Cover program allows you to see the pattern on-line and create your own color scheme for your brand new jetski seat cover. The cover is made from high grade marine vinyl and designed to last for years. The many individual panels provide for a tight, custom fit.