Jet-Ski Pump Parts

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Your jet ski pump is the part of the ski that converts your engines power to motion. SBT carries rebuild kits for the driveline and pump housing as well as new and remanufactured complete housings for easy bolt-in repairs to your PWC.

We also have our inexpensive but high quality stainless steel impeller remanufacturing process which turns around 1000's of impellers a year, making it affordable to include impeller replacement in your yearly maintenance schedule!

SBT carries a variety of products to rebuild the lower portion of your jet ski. These include:

  • Impellers and Accessories: Our well known and respected stainless steel impeller remanufacturing process refurbishes your damaged impellers, getting rid of power sucking cavitation and returning your ski to the speeds it was once capable of. We also carry accessories such as impeller seals and boots to complete the replacement of your impeller.
  • Jet Pump Housings: SBT offers both brand new Yamaha Jet Pump Housings with Delrin liners as well as remanufactured Kawasaki Jet Pump Housings with new Stainless steel liners and seals/bearings. Kawasaki Replacement Trim Seals are also available for reinstalling jet pump housings.
  • Driveshafts: SBT carries stainless steel driveshafts, impeller shafts, and coupler shafts for your driveline rebuilds. If your driveline shaft has bent, stripped its splines, or damaged the threads, SBT will have a high quality replacement to get the ski back to running order.
  • Wear Rings: SBT carries Delrin wear rings for Sea-Doo and Yamaha. These critical wear items help maintain the critical spacing between the pump wall and impeller to improve pump flow characteristics and prevent cavitation.
  • Jet Pump Rebuild Kits: SBT's Jet Ski Jet Pump Rebuild Kits include the necessary bearings and seals to rebuild your jet pump and restore the low friction turning of your entire driveline.
  • Driveline Rebuild Kits: Replace all the wear items from the PTO to the Impeller with this Rebuild kit. Bearings and seals included. Some of our kits come fully assembled for simple bolt-in replacement.