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Watercraft Superstore Storage Covers

Every day jet skis endure a cycle of temperature and humidity -- from cool and damp nights to hot and dry days. This expansion and contraction, wet/dry cycling, occurring even on days with the best boating weather and takes a toll on gel coat and fiberglass. Add salt air, pollution, dirt, rodents, bird droppings, the occasional hailstorm and who knows what else, and your prized possession is under siege. Fortunately, a jet ski cover is there to sacrifice itself and take these hits, so your jetski won't have to.

PWC Covers need to breathable in order to keep air moving and avoid moisture buildup. The Watercraft Superstore jet ski covers are treated with a water and UV-repellent coating, much like good outdoor gear. Jet ski covers also need to be mildew and UV resistant. Coated synthetic fabrics are the best choice for jet ski covers. Cotton will work, but it does not hold up as long. BlackTip Jetsports PWC Storage Covers typically ship within 3-5 business days from the time of order.