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Remanufactured Standard Engines

Quality and performance are the main features of every SBT STANDARD PWC ENGINE. In 2002, SBT was the first in the industry to offer an unparalleled one-year, fault-free warranty against failure of any kind - with absolutely no questions asked!

All of our engines include the cases, cylinders, trued and welded crankshafts, head, head cover and all new internal parts.

Premium Package
  • 2 Year No-Fault Warranty
  • Installation Gasket Kit
  • 1 Quart of Break-In Oil*
  • Calendar & DVD Combo

*Only with 2 stroke carbureted engines

Standard Engine Includes:
  • 1-Year No-Fault Warranty
SBT has been offering jetski engines since 1997. SBT is the largest supplier of remanufactured jetski engines in the world. SBT operates a factory for remanufactured jetski engines that is over 30,000 square feet. SBT's PWC engine inventory is the largest in the world. Others say they have it, we really do. When we promise a ship date, we meet it or your engine is free. Nobody else makes this promise. SBT owns two patents for reassembly of press-fit crankshafts like the ones in jet ski engines. These patents were invented by Greg Pickren, the owner of SBT, and are for the truing and phasing of crankshafts. SBT owns and operates the only aftermarket PWC engine research facility in the world - Alligator Point. Alligator Point is a 70 acre property with a 40 acre lake totally enclosed within the complex. In other words, we have no neighbors on the lake. The facility has a stationary dock and living facilities for around the clock endurance testing of PWC engines. This means that SBT's parts and remanufacturing technologies are tried and proven. Each SBT remanufactured jetski engine comes with either a one year or two year fault free warranty. The SBT remanufactured jetski engine is warranted against any type of failure including overheating, lack of oil, detonation and lean seizures.