Jet Pump Housings

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Your jet ski pump is the part of the ski that converts your engines power to motion. SBT carries new and exchange Jet Pump Assemblies and Housings for a bolt in repair.

  • Jet Pump Housings: SBT offers both brand new Sea-Doo and Yamaha Jet Pump Housings with Delrin liners as well as remanufactured Kawasaki Jet Pump Housings with new Stainless steel liners and seals/bearings. Kawasaki Replacement Trim Seals are also available for reinstalling jet pump housings.
  • Wear Rings: SBT carries Delrin wear rings for Sea-Doo and Yamaha. These critical wear items help maintain the critical spacing between the pump wall and impeller to improve pump flow characteristics and prevent cavitation.