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Impellers & Accessories

SBT sells refurbished stainless steel Jet Ski impellers on an exchange basis. All of our impellers are professionally restored to OEM specifications. Normal wear and tear on your impeller causes cavitations, vibrations and loss of performance. SBT recommends replacing your impeller any time you see dings in your blades.

The extensive work performed on the impeller during the refurbished process includes:

  • Restoration and repair of edges
  • Correction of pitch to OEM specifications
  • Rebalancing the impeller
  • Checking threads
  • Bead-blasted finish

Impeller Exchange

  • SBT accepts all stainless steel OE impellers. You will have two weeks to send in your old impeller to us. If we do not have your specific impeller in stock, you will be required to send your core in first. If for any reason your impeller cannot be refurbished, SBT will send you an applicable aftermarket replacement.

  • For aftermarket stainless steel impellers, your core must be able to be refurbished. If your impeller is damaged beyond repair, it will be returned to you. It is the customer's responsibility to check the splines and threads before sending to SBT. If there is any damage, the exterior of the impeller will be refurbished and returned with the splines/threads in as-sent condition. The customer will be charged for this service.

  • Aluminum impellers are not an acceptable core. They will be returned to the customer at the customer's expense or they will be scrapped.