Jet-Ski Fuel

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Overhaul your complete fuel delivery system with quality SBT parts. We carry jet ski carburetor rebuild kits for Mikuni and Keihin. We carry the components throughout the fuel delivery and air delivery systems to restore your jet ski's performance. Reeds, spark plugs, fuel line, Marine Stabil - SBT carries all the parts you need to rebuild your PWC.

SBT carries a wide variety of parts for your intake and fuel system needs, including:

  • Carburetor Rebuild Kits: SBT offers the full line up of Mikuni and Keihin carburetor rebuild kits.

  • Sea-Doo Rotary Valve Parts and Reed Sets: Intake air regulation devices vary by manufacturer and model. SBT carries replacements for both rotary valves and the more common reed kits for most jet ski models.

  • Fuel/Primer Line: SBT carries ethanol resistant fuel and primer lines. With today's gas having up to 10% ethanol, replacing your degrading fuel lines with the right material is vitally important. We have both 1/4" and 1/8- fuel lines.

  • Stabil - Marine grade Stabil is available. Specially formulated for the high water and ethanol environment of boats and jet skis, adding Marine Stabil to every tank will help keep your fuel system clean and sludge free!

  • Spark Plugs - SBT carries NKG spark plugs for all your PWC needs. Check our application guides for the right spark plug for your machine.