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Remanufactured Crankshafts

SBT's trued and welded crankshafts have a reputation for being the finest on the market. Our crankshafts exceed the performance and durability of those produced by many specialty shops. SBT has invested tremendous resources to develop a patented technology for the reassembly of a multi-cylinder, press-fit crankshaft. Additionally, SBT's crankshafts carry a one-year, fault-free warranty against failure of any kind.All SBT crankshafts are sold on an exchange basis.(Rebuildable core required)

SBT owns two patents for reassembly of press-fit crankshafts like the ones in jet ski engines. These patents are for the truing and phasing of crankshafts. SBT owns and operates the only aftermarket PWC engine research facility in the world-Alligator Point. Alligator Point is a 70 acre property with a 40 acre lake totally enclosed within the complex. The facility has a stationary dock and living facilities for around-the-clock endurance testing of PWC engines. This means that SBT's jet ski crankshafts and remanufacturing technologies are tried and proven over countless hours of testing.

All of our Crankshafts Include:

New Rods New Bearings New Inner Seals New Bushings