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Supercharger & Oil Pump Kits for Sea-Doo

SBT sells a Sea-Doo supercharger rebuild kit that includes everything you will need to overhaul your supercharger. In addition to having the same components as the O.E. kit, the SBT kit also includes upgraded heavy duty washers that replace the ceramic washers that were prone to catastrophic failure. All our parts are precision machined to increase the longevity of your Jet Ski supercharger.

Jet Ski Oil Pumps - Over time, oil pumps will wear as debris gets into the oil. A Jet Ski engine can fail due to a failing oil pump. It is important to check your oil pump for wear. The oil pump should be replaced if there is any scoring. SBT supplies both rebuild kits for the moving parts in the pumps and reconditioned Sea-Doo Housings.

Supercharger Rebuild Kits:
SBT offers a 17 tooth gear supercharger rebuild kit available for all supercharged motors that are non intercooled and 185HP. Also, there is a 16 tooth gear kit available for all supercharged motors that are intercooled and 215 HP. Installation guides can be found on our website.

Oil Pump Rebuild Kits and Reconditioned Oil Pump Housings:
SBT's oil pump kits include a new impeller, rotor, screens, and all the gaskets you will need to reinstall components. SBT offers 4 stroke jet ski oil pump kits for the following manufacturers:

  • Sea-Doo Oil Pump Kit
  • Kawasaki Oil Pump Kit
  • Yamaha Oil Pump Kit
  • Honda Oil Pump Kit

SBT also offers a re-conditioning service for both the primary and secondary Sea-Doo 4-Tec oil pump housings. These oil pump housings often get damaged due to excessive scoring caused by foreign materials or by failed supercharger ceramic washers. SBT's service will re-machine the primary and secondary oil pump housing and housing covers and repaint them to Sea-Doo black.