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Flush Kits

Personal watercrafts can provide you with years of good riding and hundreds of hours of fun as long as you maintain it properly every time you ride it. Unfortunately, most people do not understand the harmful effects of saltwater on their motors and fiberglass bodies.

Flushing your engine after every ride is a good way to prevent clogging the water passages inside your engine. Salt water is especially corrosive, but fresh water is still filled with unfiltered debris that can affect the water flow in your engine. SBT carries flush kits that you simply attach to your garden hose to get the unwanted water out.

Following are the steps you should take to flush out your personal watercraft:

  • After removing your PWC from the water, wash off its exterior thoroughly with fresh water. Make certain that no salt water remains on the PWC.

  • Spend extra time washing out the jet nozzle, reverse gate, impeller, and ride plate. Always allow the engine to cool down completely before flushing. Flushing a hot engine can cause damage to your cylinders.

  • Unscrew the drain plugs.

  • Hook the hose up to the water injection port. Do not turn on the water yet. Start the engine, let it idle for a couple of seconds and then, with the engine running, turn on the water. Make sure that the water is flowing out of the exhaust, impeller grate, and cooling port. Let the motor idle for approximately 8 minutes. After the 8 minutes has passed, remove the hose and let the engine run for another few seconds before turning off the engine.

  • NOTE: The exhaust pressure with the engine on keeps the water in the exhaust from flowing back to the engine. The engine should be running at the start of the procedure and at the end!! If you turn on the hose without the engine running it is likely that water will flow into the engine through the exhaust system! Make sure your PWC is secure to the trailer, then tilt the PWC back on its trailer. This allows all the water inside to run out. After the water is out, dry off the engine, battery compartment, and exterior with towels. SBT carries many different types of flush kits for SeaDoo, Kawasaki, Polaris, Yamaha, Tigershark, and Honda.