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Intake Gasket Kits

SBT's intake gasket kits are available for Sea-Doo, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Polaris, and Tigershark. Gaskets included vary by engine type but include carb base, manifold o-ring, rotary cover o-ring, flame arrestor, intake manifold, and reed gasket.

The intake is the section of a Jet Ski engine where the fuel and air charge is being pulled into the engine for combustion. An internal combustion engine is essentially a powerful air pump. In order to be efficient and provide the greatest power, the intake must be tuned and carefully engineered. The intake system should increase the velocity of the air until it travels into the combustion chamber, while it minimizes turbulence and restriction of flow.

SBT offers intake gasket kits with every gasket you will need to install while you are doing work on your engine's intake system.

The intake manifold gasket is a malleable material that goes in between the air intake manifold, the cylinder heads and the block. This gasket prevents the leakage of air or air and fuel mixture by sealing the gap between the various metal parts of the engine.

A leaking intake manifold gasket will contribute to poor fuel economy and decreased engine performance. The proper distribution of air into the cylinders is an important part of the efficient operations of the engine. Because of this, the intake manifold gasket and all other intake gaskets are a critical and delicate part of the engine. SBT's intake gasket kits are an economical solution to keeping your engine running efficiently.