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Piston Kits & Rings

SBT offers the first jet ski piston to be sold with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against defect. Our pistonsare cast using a high-silicone-content aluminum. Our "standard" pistons are comparable to others' "premium" pistons - anodized on the top surface for better heat resistance and surface strength, graphite coated on the sides to reduce friction between the piston and cylinder and enable efficient break in. SBT's rings are made of chromium-plated ductile iron and are included along with all new wrist-pins and c-clips. The piston and ring sets are available in an assortment of oversizes to accommodate your needs.

SBT carries jet ski pistons for a wide variety of manufacturers.

Piston design has developed over the last 140 years. Modern engines run hotter, leaner, and more efficiently than ever before. This has required advances in all piston designs, including jet ski pistons. Newer pistons have gone to high tech materials, such as including silicon for temperature stability and strength and coatings on top and sides of pistons to enhance useful life and reduced friction.

SBT Jet Ski Pistons incorporate all the most recent design changes:

  • Eutectic Cast Pistons - 11-12% silicon helps in temperature stability and strength of pistons.
  • Anodized Top Surfaces - helps increase the combustion efficiency by keeping the heat in the combustion chamber and improves long term surface durability of our pistons.
  • Graphite Coated Skirts - Reduces start up friction, especially during the critical break in period, essential for jet ski pistons.

Piston Ring design has also evolved with the improvements in piston design and engine efficiency:

  • The first ring, or compression ring, sees temperatures in the 500-600F range. Due to this difficult environment, SBT Piston Kits include Chrome-Plated, low tension Ductile steel Compression rings. The Chrome coating gives the ring the hardness to properly seat even in the caustic environment of a combustion chamber.
  • The second, or wiper ring, sees far less temperature (approx half of the first ring). Normal steel rings are used for these applications.
  • 4-Stroke Oil Rings - The oil rings are critical in the design for pistons. Oil rings bring oil up to lubricate the walls of the cylinder then scrape it back down into the crankcase so there is not excessive oil remaining.