Sea-Doo-Storage Cover Custom Wake 155/GTS Pro 130/GTI 130/GTI Ltd 155/GTI SE 130/GTI SE 155/GTR 215/GTS 130/GTS Rental 130 2010 2011 2012 2013

Sea-Doo Wake 155 2010-2017 GTI, GTS, GTR
    Brand: Watercraft Superstore
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    Each of our custom storage covers are made from a very high end 600 Denier solution dyed polyester to resist fading and dry rot. We use only the highest quality thread that is designed to withstand the harsh UV rays from the sun without it deteriorating. Each cover is custom fitted to your specific year, make and model watercraft so you know it will have a great look whether sitting on your dock or traveling down the road on your trailer. All covers have a shock cord sewn into the hem and include adjustable tie down straps for added security while trailering locally.

    Custom storage covers are sewn to order and usually ship in 48-72 hrs. Being a custom product there are no returns accepted. Covers have a 1 year warranty against any defects in material or workmanship.
    Contact SBT's Sales Team or email us at for further assistance. 

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    Applications*Please be sure that your specific model is listed in the applications tab as these covers are non-returnable*
    2010 WAKE 155
    2011 GTS Pro 130
    2011 GTI 130
    2011 GTI Ltd 155
    2011 GTI SE 130/155
    2011 GTS Rental 130
    2011 WAKE 155
    2011 GTS 130
    2012 GTI Ltd 155
    2012 GTI SE 130
    2012 GTI SE 155
    2012 GTR 215
    2012 GTS 130
    2012 GTS Rental 130
    2012 WAKE 155
    2012 GTI 130
    2013 GTI 130
    2013 GTI Limited 155
    2013 GTI SE 130
    2013 GTI SE 155
    2013 GTR 215
    2013 Wake 155
    2013 GTS 130
    2014 GTI 130
    2014 GTS 130 & Rental
    2014 GTI SE 130
    2014 GTI SE 155
    2014 GTR 215
    2014 GTI Ltd 155
    2014 Wake 155
    2015 GTI 130
    2015 GTS 130
    2015 GTR 215
    2015 GTI SE 130
    2015 GTI SE 155
    2015 GTI Ltd 155
    2015 Wake 155
    2016 GTR 215
    2016 Wake 155
    2016 GTS 130
    2016 GTI 130
    2016 GTI SE 130
    2016 GTI SE 155
    2016 GTI Limited 155
    2017 GTI
    2017 GTS
    2017 GTI SE 90
    2017 GTI SE 130
    2017 GTI SE 155
    2017 GTI Limited 155
    2017 Wake 155
    2017 GTR 230
    WarrantyWatercraft Superstore covers have a 1 year manufacturer's warranty against defect in material and workmanship. This warranty does not cover fading, tearing or stains which are likely during normal use. Environments with extreme weather conditions might have an adverse effect on the longevity of the material which will not be covered under warranty.

    If you should have a problem, please contact SBT @877.330.0321 or
    InstallationYour new Watercraft Superstore cover is designed to give years of protection to your PWC. To install the cover, it is best to start at the handle bars and mirrors (if equipped) then pull the cover forward over the bow and rearward over the stern of the craft.

    The shock cord installed at the hem of the cover should be pulled down under the rub rail of the PWC. Most covers will hold in place with just the use of the shock cord for stationary storage.

    If the craft is going to be towed or is stored in an area that gets high winds, we suggest using the provided tie down straps to wrap under the PWC to secure the cover. The watercraft should always be clean before installing any cover to prevent damage to the finish.
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