Complete Mat Kit for Sea-Doo Challenger 210 310 /Challenger 210 SE 310
Brand: BlackTip Jetsports
Code: 130BE822
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Price: $1,049.95

Click on the images below to build your traction mat.


I acknowledge that all mats are made to order and there are no exchanges. We suggest you request swatches prior to placing your order.

Pattern shown in images above are examples of pattern only. Finished product will vary depending on the size of foot-well and back platform space. BlackTip Jetsports Elite Mat kits are non-returnable. Please verify your Year, Make and Model before purchasing this Custom kit

BlackTip Jetsports Elite traction mats are unlike anything the PWC industry has ever seen. With more color and pattern choices available than ever before. With the Elite series you are in control. You are no longer limited to pick from just the standard cuts and colors. You pick your pattern and then pick the top color and bottom color of your mats. The bottom color will show through when we finish cutting the pattern for your specific watercraft. The Elite series mats are made from the same high quality material as our standard mat kits and also include our high strength PSA.

*Please note - Elite Mats
 will be charged as soon as we get the order and before they are made (due to our inability to resell Custom/Elite mats). Once charged, you order will not be refunded. 

Lead time is 21-30 business days from order date.

*Please note Signature Series is not available for Jet Boats.

2010 CHALLENGER 210 310
2010 CHALLENGER 210 SE 310
2010 CHALLENGER 210 SE 430

2011 SP 210 310
2011 CHALLENGER 210 310
2011 CHALLENGER 210 SE 310
2011 CHALLENGER 210 SE 430

2012 SP 210 With Tower, 2 x 155
2012 SP 210 With Tower, 2 x 215
2012 CHALLENGER 210 S 2 x 155
2012 CHALLENGER 210 S, 1 x 260
2012 CHALLENGER 210 SE, 2 x 155
2012 CHALLENGER 210 SE, 2 x 215
2012 CHALLENGER 210, 1 x 260
Watercraft Superstore's BlackTip Jetsports traction mats have a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty against defect in material and workmanship. This warranty does not cover fading, tearing or stains due to user negligence. We do our best to make sure every traction mat set is perfect, but sometimes things happen.

If you should have a problem, please contact SBT @727-443-0373 or to identify your issue.

Light Amplification
1. The sun can reflect off gel-coat surfaces to damage BlackTip Jetsports products.

For certain applications and under certain conditions, BlackTip Jetsports decking applied in the cockpit
and other areas with vertical surfaces and/or reflecting off hardware, stainless, etc., can expose
the mat to temperatures above the operational temperature of 165°F (73°C).

2. Lighter colors can reduce the Light Amplification problem.
However, it will not be covered under our standard warranty if Light Amplification occurs.
Other material problems will still be covered.

3. After installation, the preferred method of storage is that the boat (or any other surfaces of application) be covered.

BlackTip Jetsports mats are very durable, but they will last longer, and the colors will fade more slowly if they are not exposed to the elements when not in use.
Examples include keeping the boat in a garage, covered with a canvas boat cover, in a covered boat slip, etc.

Situations to Avoid:
• • Inflatable pool toys or water bottles stored long-term on Marine Mat
• • Placing BlackTip Jetsports decking near reflective surfaces or beneath glass such as windshields or other structures
These objects can refract/reflect light, thereby concentrating the beams to a level which can be destructive to BlackTip Jetsports mats.
Lead time for shipping is 6-8 Weeks.