Complete Mat Kit - Fits Sea-Doo Speedster 1998-1999
Brand: Hydro-Turf
Code: SD08
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I acknowledge that all mats are made to order and there are no exchanges. We suggest you request swatches prior to placing your order.

Replace your factory mats with Grooved mats from Hydro-Turf. Available in 22 colors and 3 grooves. Provides improved traction and a great new look. Mats include Pressure Sensitive-Adhesive (PSA) for faster, easier and cleaner installation.
Some colors are more sensitive to UV than others. If the color you are looking at has an * next to it, it may be subject to fading in the direct sun over time. If you are concerned with fading, we recommend choosing colors without the *.

Use only mild dishwashing soap to clean your mats, if you must clean grease from the mats we suggest using Simple Green brand cleaner only to do so.