Traction Mats for Honda F-12 /F-12X /F-12X GPS 2002-2007
Brand: Hydro-Turf
Code: HT05
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I acknowledge that all mats are made to order and there are no exchanges. We suggest you request swatches prior to placing your order.

Upgrade your PWC with new traction mats from Hydro-Turf. Available in multiple colors and grooves.  Please Note: Different monitors display colors differently. Swatches can be requested and mailed free of charge (continental US only). Mat kits come with Pressure Sensitive-Adhesive (PSA) for a much faster and cleaner installation.

2002 F-12
2002 F-12X
2003 F-12
2003 F-12X
2004 F-12
2004 F-12X
2004 F-12X GPS
2005 F-12
2005 F-12X
2005 F-12X GPS
2006 F-12
2006 F-12X
2006 F-12X GPS
2007 F-12
2007 F-12X
2007 F-12X GPS