Stator for Kawasaki STX 12F /STX 15F /Ultra LX 21003-3749

Stator for Kawasaki STX 12F /STX 15F /Ultra LX 21003-3749
Brand: SBT
Code: 14-213A
OEM: 21003-3749
Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $283.90



  • SBT is excited to offer a full line of high quality PWC Stators. 
  • SBT's PWC Stators are made with high quality copper windings, meeting or exceeding OEM spec. 
  • The stators are a direct fit for your ski for easy installation. 
  • SBT is unique in offering full technical support for both your SBT stator and PWC. 
  • Our OEM replacement stators are quality checked and come with a 1-year manufacturer's defect warranty

Applications2004 STX 12F Stator
2004 STX 15F Stator

2005 STX 12F Stator
2005 STX 15F Stator

2006 STX 12F Stator
2006 STX 15F Stator

2007 STX 12F Stator
2007 STX 15F Stator
2007 Ultra LX Stator

2008 STX 15F Stator
2008 Ultra LX Stator

2009 STX 15F Stator
2009 Ultra LX Stator
2009 STX Stator

2010 STX 15F Stator
2010 Ultra LX Stator
2010 STX Stator

2011 STX 15F Stator
2011 Ultra LX Stator

2012 STX 15F Stator
2012 Ultra LX Stator

2013 STX 15F Stator
2013 Ultra LX Stator

2014 STX 15F Stator
2014 Ultra LX Stator

2015 STX 15F Stator
2015 Ultra LX Stator

Warranty1 year, manufacturers warranty.