SL750/ SLT 750 CDI Box 3240217 1994-1995

SL750/ SLT 750  CDI Box 3240217 1994-1995
Brand: SBT
Code: 16-303
OEM: 3240217
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  • New OEM Replacement CDI Box for Polaris SL750, SLT 750 
  • Fits: 3240217

*Please be advised - when installing a replacement Polaris domestic CDI it is extremely important to verify correct flywheel timing. Refer to a Polaris service manual for your specific models timing and time accordingly after the new CDI is installed.

*Failure to follow this recommendation can result in piston deterioration and possible engine failure.

Applications1994 SL750 CDI Box
1994 SLT750 CDI Box

1995 SL750 CDI Box
1995 SLT750 CDI Box
Warranty90 Day, manufacturers warranty.