Crankshaft Connecting Rod for Sea-Doo 717/720 (Short Pin)

Crankshaft Connecting Rod for Sea-Doo  717/720 (Short Pin)
Brand: SBT
Code: 23-105-111
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Price: $95.95



New SBT OE Replacement Crankshaft Connecting Rod compatible with Sea-Doo

Complete with washers, piston pin, lower rod bearing and wrist-pin bearing.

1995 Sea-Doo HX Rod
1995 Sea-Doo XP Rod

1996 Sea-Doo GTI Rod
1996 Sea-Doo HX Rod
1996 Sea-Doo SPX Rod

1997 Sea-Doo GS Rod
1997 Sea-Doo GSI Rod
1997 Sea-Doo GTI Rod
1997 Sea-Doo GTS Rod
1997 Sea-Doo HX Rod

1998 Sea-Doo GS Rod
1998 Sea-Doo GSI Rod
1998 Sea-Doo GTI Rod
1998 Sea-Doo GTS Rod

1999 Sea-Doo GS Rod
1999 Sea-Doo GTI Rod
1999 Sea-Doo GTS Rod

2000 Sea-Doo GS Rod
2000 Sea-Doo GTI Rod
2000 Sea-Doo GTS Rod

2001 Sea-Doo GS Rod
2001 Sea-Doo GTI Rod
2001 Sea-Doo GTS Rod