GT /SP /XP /GTS /GTX /SPI /GTI LE /HX /SPX Fuel Valve 1991-2011

GT /SP /XP /GTS /GTX /SPI /GTI LE /HX /SPX Fuel Valve 1991-2011
Brand: SBT
Code: 35-101
OEM: 275500098
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  • Fuel selector switch, has on, off, and reserve positions.
  • Used on all Sea-Doo carbureted models except 951.
  • This switch can be used as a universal replacement fuel selector valve for many other watercraft brands.
  • Fuel Knob sold separately: 275500188 - 275500263

Applications1991 Sea-Doo GT Fuel Valve
1991-1997 Sea-Doo SP Fuel Valve
1991-1996 Sea-Doo XP Fuel Valve
1992-2001 Sea-Doo GTS Fuel Valve
1992-1997 Sea-Doo GTX Fuel Valve
1993-1997 2002 Sea-Doo Explorer Fuel Valve
1993-1996 Sea-Doo Spi Fuel Valve
1993-1997 Sea-Doo SPX Fuel Valve
1994-1997 Sea-Doo Speedster Fuel Valve
1995-1997 Sea-Doo HX Fuel Valve
1995-1998 2000 2002 Sea-Doo Sportster Fuel Valve
1996-2001 Sea-Doo Challenger Fuel Valve
1996-1997 Sea-Doo GSX Fuel Valve
1996-2005 Sea-Doo GTI Fuel Valve
1996 Sea-Doo Spi Fuel Valve
1996-1998 Sea-Doo Sportster Fuel Valve
1997-2011 Sea-Doo GS Fuel Valve
1997 Sea-Doo GSI Fuel Valve
2002-2004 Sea-Doo GTI LE Fuel Valve