Barracuda /Daytona /Monte Carlo /Montego Deluxe /Montego /TS 640 1994-1999

Barracuda /Daytona /Monte Carlo /Montego Deluxe /Montego /TS 640 1994-1999
Brand: SBT
Code: 44-501
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Price: $89.95



Cast iron cylinder sleeve, must bore and hone to finished size.

Applications1994 Tigershark Barracuda Sleeve
1994 Tigershark Daytona Sleeve
1994 Tigershark Monte Carlo Sleeve
1994 Tigershark Montego Deluxe Sleeve
1994 Tigershark Montego Sleeve
1995 Tigershark Barracuda Sleeve
1995 Tigershark Daytona Sleeve
1995 Tigershark Monte Carlo Sleeve
1995 Tigershark Montego Deluxe Sleeve
1995 Tigershark Montego Sleeve
1996 Tigershark Monte Carlo Sleeve
1996 Tigershark Montego Deluxe Sleeve
1996 Tigershark Montego Sleeve
1997 Tigershark Monte Carlo Sleeve
1997 Tigershark Montego Deluxe Sleeve
1997 Tigershark Montego Sleeve
1998 Tigershark TS 640 Sleeve
1999 Tigershark TS 640 Sleeve