Yamaha 1.8L N/A FX HO FX Cruiser HO VXR VXS

Yamaha 1.8L N/A FX HO FX Cruiser HO VXR VXS
Brand: SBT
Code: 63-414
Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $875.00


Remanufactured Cylinder Head Assembly, including: resurfaced/replaced Valve seals, valves/guides, seals, springs, caps, keeper. The head gasket and valve cover gasket are included.

Sold on exchange only, for a complete head core, defined as: Head without head cover, all electronics and sensors. Yamaha Head - included the camshafts, spacers, buckets, and camshaft bridges.

Please check shimming on head as shims may have shifted during shipment.

Applications2011-2013 FX Cruiser HO
2009-2013 FX HO
2011-2017 VXR
2011-2016 VXS
2010-2017 242 LTD
2010-2017 242 LTD S
2010-2017 AR 240 HO
2010-2014 SX 240 HO
2012-2017 212X  
2012-2017 212SS  
2012-2017 AR190  
2012-2017 SX190