Motor Mount for Yamaha GP 800R

Motor Mount for Yamaha GP 800R
Brand: SBT
Code: 37-405
OEM: 68A-44517-00-8P
Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $61.95



  • SBT high quality motor mounts are designed for performance in the worst conditions - under the hot, oily engine. 
  • Replacing your old PWC engine mounts with SBT motor mounts is a good way to reduce excessive vibration and movement that can slowly degrade the rest of your driveline, bearings, and jet pump. 
  • Replace any motor mounts that don’t appear normal to save the rest of your driveline!! If you have to replace one, it's probably time to replace them all.
  • This mount has a large oval bottom with 2 holes on either side and one in the middle.
  • Fits:
  • 68A-44517-00-9M
  • 68A-44517-00-8P
  • 68A-44517-00-94

Applications2001 Yamaha GP800R Motor Mount

2002 Yamaha Wave Runner GP800R Motor Mount
2003 Yamaha GP800 Motor Mount
2004 Yamaha GP800R Motor Mount

2005 Yamaha GP800R Motor Mount