Reed Set for Yamaha GP800 /XL800 /GP800R /XLT 800

Reed Set for Yamaha GP800 /XL800 /GP800R /XLT 800
Brand: SBT
Code: 45-406-10K
OEM: 66E-W0004-00
Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $95.55



Reed valves control the intake of air/fuel mixture. Damaged reeds can affect the performance of your ski by not properly regulated the flow of air. We offer SBT brand replacement reeds to get your ski back up to speed! Our kits include all reeds for your application.

Fits: 66E-W0004-00

Applications1998 Yamaha GP800 Reed Set
1998 Yamaha XL800 Reed Set

1999 Yamaha GP800 Reed Set
1999 Yamaha XL800 Reed Set

2000 Yamaha GP800 Reed Set
2000 Yamaha XL800 Reed Set

2001 Yamaha GP800R Reed Set
2001 Yamaha XL800 Reed Set

2002 Yamaha GP800R Reed Set
2002 Yamaha XLT 800 Reed Set

2003 Yamaha GP800R Reed Set
2003 Yamaha XLT 800 Reed Set

2004 Yamaha GP800R Reed Set
2004 Yamaha XLT 800 Reed Set

2005 Yamaha GP800R Reed Set