WaveRunner III /LX /SuperJet /VXR /Raider Deluxe /Blaster /FX-1 /Raider 700 Starter

WaveRunner III /LX /SuperJet /VXR /Raider Deluxe /Blaster /FX-1 /Raider 700 Starter
Brand: SBT
Code: 39-401
OEM: 6M6-81800-10-00
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Price: $142.95

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New, high-torque SBT starter designed to start your engine easier than OEM with more power.

Applications1999-2004 Yamaha XL700 Starter
2000-2016 Yamaha Super Jet Starter
1990-1993 Yamaha Super Jet 650 Starter
1991-1993 Yamaha Wave Runner LX Starter
1991-1993 1995 Yamaha VXR 650 Starter
1991-1995 Yamaha FX1 Starter
1993-1996 Yamaha Wave Blaster 700 Starter
1994-1996 Yamaha Wave Raider 700 Starter
1990-1993 1996 Yamaha Wave Runner III 650 Starter
1994-1995 1997 Yamaha Wave Runner III 700 Starter
1995-1996 1998 Yamaha Wave Venture 700 Starter