Sea-Doo Traction Mats GTI 130 /GTI Ltd 155 /GTI SE 130 /GTI SE 155 /GTS Rental 130 /Wake 155
    Brand: BlackTip Jetsports
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    Blacktip Jetsports Mat Kits are a great upgrade to factory traction mats. They provide not only a custom look but superior traction for safety in all types of riding situations from racing to cruising. All mat kits come standard with Blacktip's Jetsports exclusive PSA ( pressure sensitive adhesive) to make installation easy - without the big mess of having to glue them down. Simply peel the backing off - press the mats into place and they are ready to go. This is an easy afternoon job and makes a world of difference on how your ski looks.

    *Please note, we only accept returns on black cut-groove mats. All other mats are not stocked and considered custom. *Please Note, Color Samples may display differently depending on your PC/ MAC Monitor Settings. Color Samples are available upon request.

    Applications2011 GTI 130
    2012 GTI 130
    2013 GTI 130
    2014 GTI 130
    2015 GTI 130
    2016 GTI 130

    2011 GTI SE 130
    2012 GTI SE 130
    2013 GTI SE 130
    2014 GTI SE 130
    2015 GTI SE 130
    2016 GTI SE 130
    2017 GTI SE 130

    2011 GTI Ltd 155
    2012 GTI Ltd 155
    2013 GTI Ltd 155
    2014 GTI Ltd 155
    2015 GTI Ltd 155
    2016 GTI Ltd 155
    2017 GTI Ltd 155

    2011 GTI SE 155
    2012 GTI SE 155
    2013 GTI SE 155
    2014 GTI SE 155
    2015 GTI SE 155
    2016 GTI SE 155
    2017 GTI SE 155

    2012 GTR 215
    2013 GTR 215
    2014 GTR 215
    2015 GTR 215
    2016 GTR 215

    2012 GTS 130
    2013 GTS 130
    2014 GTS 130
    2015 GTS 130
    2016 GTS 130
    2011 GTS Rental 130
    2012 GTS Rental 130

    2011 WAKE 155
    2012 Wake 155
    2013 WAKE 155
    2014 Wake 155
    2015 Wake 155
    2016 Wake 155
    2017 Wake 155
    WarrantyWatercraft Superstore's BlackTip Jetsports traction mats have a 1 year manufacturer's warranty against defect in material and workmanship. This warranty does not cover fading, tearing or stains due to user negligence. We do our best to make sure every traction mat set is perfect, but sometimes things happen.

    If you should have a problem, please contact SBT @877.330.0231or to identify your issue.

    This limited warranty does not cover any damage of the product due to: (a) installation of the product onto any surface; (b) adhesion of the product to a boat deck or to any other surface to which the product is applied; (c) deformation, fading, discoloration or polymer degradation of the product resulting from non-defective materials; (d) exposure of the product to temperatures in excess of 165F which may occur as a result of the amplification of sunlight from reflective surfaces or the passing of sunlight through a refractive medium such as windshields or other structures which shall operate to void this limited warranty; (e) failure to follow the product instructions or to perform preventive maintenance; (f) modifications to the product; (g) unauthorized repair; (h) normal wear and tear; or (i) external causes such as accidents, abuse, or other actions or events beyond our reasonable control.