SBT Cylinder Exchange for Yamaha 1200 PV XLT 1200 /GP 1200R /XR 1800 /GP 1200R 1999-2005

SBT Cylinder Exchange for Yamaha 1200 PV XLT 1200 /GP 1200R /XR 1800 /GP 1200R 1999-2005
Brand: SBT
Code: 62-407
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The Cylinder Exchange Program gives you a complete top-end for your engine, ready to bolt on. If your sleeve(s) is damaged or your current bore is beyond the max service limit - don't worry, we resleeve at no-charge. It also includes cylinders, all new SBT pistons, rings, wrist pins, wrist-pin bearings, c-clips, base gaskets, head/head cover gaskets/o-rings, intake and exhaust gaskets. Rebuildable core cylinders required for exchange. Visit the Program Description for further details.

Kit does not include Power Valves

Additional purchase of Power valve rebuild kits & lever links are recommended.

Please call SBT for shipping rates

At this time the item you are selecting is sold on a cores first basis, please refer to our Program Description on sending the correct components to SBT. The lead time average for turn around is approximately 20-25 business days. Once SBT receives the core, this core has entered the remanufacturing process and cannot be returned.

Applications1999 Yamaha XLT Cylinder Exchange
2000 Yamaha GP1200R Cylinder Exchange
2000 Yamaha XLT Cylinder Exchange
2000 Yamaha XR1800 Cylinder Exchange

2001 Yamaha GP1200R Cylinder Exchange
2001 Yamaha XLT Cylinder Exchange

2002 Yamaha GP1200R Cylinder Exchange
2002 Yamaha XLT Cylinder Exchange

2003 Yamaha GP1200R Cylinder Exchange
2003 Yamaha XLT Cylinder Exchange

2004 Yamaha XLT Cylinder Exchange

2005 Yamaha XLT Cylinder Exchange